Chexter is the consultant and he was very patience & helpful throughout my loan process. He even taught me how to build up my company profile & follow up promptly. I will definitely intro him to all my business associates.

(Assisted by Senior Business Consultant: Chexter Cheong, July 2023)

Ms. Fynn Director Of Event Planning
June the consultant was recommended by my friend and she is very helpful on all my enquires like loan assessment etc. She will always reply promptly and professionally. I will definitely intro her service to my friends and family.

(Assisted by Principal Consultant: June Choo, Feb 2023)

Ms. Jeen Dong Real Estate Investor
Excellent service and thank you to Chex from Ntrust Consultancy for getting financing support to build up my company. He is very friendly, knowledgeable and follow up with me very promptly. Finding options and keep on updating the status. Highly recommended to those who are looking for business loan.
Great support for my business loans.
Thanks again for your support Chex.

(Assisted by Senior Business Consultant: Chex Cheong, Feb 2023)

Mr. Singaram Director of Construction Industry
Our consultant, Jeff was highly professional and knowledgeable. His team and himself was very efficient as well, making the whole process of working together very pleasant. Trustworthy and very competent team with good work ethics. Definitely highly recommended.

(Assisted by Team Leader: Jeff Tan, Jan 2023)

Ms. Lim Director of Educational Support Service Industry
Great experience with Ntrust, Shoutout to Jeff for providing us his excellent service. He is really friendly, hardworking and knowledgeable.

Highly recommended!

(Assisted by Team Leader: Jeff Tan, Dec 2022)

Mdm. Lim Director of Pump Supplier Industry
A very helpful and prompt service. Excellent follow up and product knowledge.

(Assisted by Business Consultant: Chris Ong, Dec 2022)

Mr. Clancy Director of Healthcare Industry
Awesome service from Chris, she helped to find loans within my requirements.

Thank you so much

(Assisted by Business Consultant: Chris Ong, Dec 2022)

Mr. Yeo Director of Transport Industry
Good communication, Knowledgeable and fast response.

Thank you, Chex

(Assisted by Senior Consultant: Chex Cheong, Nov 2022)

Director Director of Retail Sale of Fishing Equipment Industry
Service very friendly. Bang Hoe has explained to me every detail about the loan very clearly.

(Assisted by Consultant: Bang Hoe, Oct 2022)

Mr. Keith Director of Renovation Company
Thank you to Ntrust Consultancy, especially Donovan! He went all the way to assist us and got what we needed! He was ready to assist us at every step of the way. It would not be possible without Donovan’s help! His great knowledge and confidence have helped us plan better for the future! We look forward to working with him again and making him our go-to guy for any financial advice!

(Assisted by Consultant: Donovan Han, Sep 2022)

Ms. filza Head of Sales & Admin
Best Broker for SME Business Loan!

When I was looking out for a working capital loan for my company, I engaged Ntrust Consultancy and June was the advisor who helped in the application. Their service was top-notch! She was very proactive and professional. She helped my company to get the lowest rates possible! I have compared it with other brokers, and they managed to get the best rate! Hassle-free experience and we managed to get the funds in a very fast time.

Highly recommended!


(Assisted by Principal Consultant: June Choo, Sep 2022)

Mr. Lee Director of Automotive Industry
Efficient, friendly & good service provided.

(Assisted by Consultant: Bang Hoe, Sep 2022)

Mr. Mooi Director of Construction Company
Jeff is very friendly & helpful. He’s able to help me to choose the best option that’s good for my company. He’s always truthful to us too. 非常好的人,人品很好。

(Assisted by Team Manager: Jeff Tan, July 2022)

Ms. Wendy Director of Building Material Supply Industry
Bang Hoe has provided us with very good customer service and professional advice. He also helps us to solve many problems always in a short period.

(Assisted by Consultant: Bang Hoe, May 2022)

Ms. Fiona Wu Director of Manufacturing Industry
Ntrust managed to help me to get a loan for my requirements. The service was good and helpful. Thanks to Jeff and Jasper!

(Assisted by Team Manager: Jeff Tan, May 2022)

Mr. Goh Director of Photography & Film Workshop Industry
Would like to give a big shout-out to Jeff from Ntrust for all the advice and help rendered to my business and me. Jeff was prompt in his replies and efficient in his delivery of work.

(Assisted by Team Manager: Jeff Tan, April 2022)

Mr. Shafiq Director of Retail Industry
Jeff先生服务周到, 态度可亲, 以后有新客户需求, 我会推荐给Jeff去办理。谢谢!!!

(Assisted by Team Manager: Jeff Tan, April 2022)

Mr. Weng Director of Construction Industry
Ntrust service is good. The business consultant Mr. Wayne is more helpful and explained the loan details clearly. And he closely followed up with us, and try his best to get the loan as much higher. Thanks to Ntrust.

(Assisted by Consultant: Wayne Lee, April 2022)

Mr. Mohan Director of Engineering Industry
The service is very good, received a good response, and jeff advise me accordingly to what my company requires. I will recommend it to my other friends.

(Assisted by Team Manager: Jeff Tan, April 2022)

Mr. Krishnan Director of Restaurant Industry
Overall very good experience, Very helpful. Bang Hoe knows his stuff very well and is open to questions.

(Assisted by Consultant: Bang Hoe, April 2022)

Mr. Heng Director of Construction Company
Jasper has always been patient and always goes extra to clear my doubts. Really appreciate his patience. Trustworthy and put me at ease. Very prompt and the transaction was smooth. Highly recommend using their services.

(Assisted by Consultant: Jasper Lim, April 2022)

Mrs. Janelle Director
We had a very smooth transaction for our application process. Thanks to the efforts of Wayne, We were able to secure a better than expected loan quantum for our application & wish to express our great gratitude to him & Ntrust for assisting with our request. Kudos to you Wayne! 🙂

(Assisted by Consultant: Wayne Lee, Mar 2022)

Mr. Firdaus Director of F&B Franchising Industry
Wayne is easy to communicate with and able to meet all the requirements. Working around or schedule and checking up on our needs was always his priority.

(Assisted by Consultant: Wayne Lee, Mar 2022)

Ms. Shobi Pereira Director of Education Industry
Professional & Efficient

(Assisted by Team Manager: Jeff Tan, Feb 2022)

Mr. Sutha CFO of Renewable Energy
Bang Hoe is professional and helpful in advising on different types of loans available. He expedited the process for the company, as we needed the funds urgently, Bang hoe helped us in securing the Temporary Bridging Loan in the shortest time possible. Even during the period of  CNY, Public holidays, he does the extra efforts to get things done!

(Assisted by Consultant: Bang Hoe, Feb 2022)

Mr. Sherwin Director of Management Consultancy Services
Chex assisted us to locate various options for funding when we were looking to expand our business operations. He was prompt in responding and kept us up to date with the process and outcome. Appreciate the effort.

(Assisted by Consultant: Chex Cheong, Jan 2022)

Mr. Azar Director of Media Company
Wayne was great! Should raise his pay or whatsoever. He was really patient with me when I was a bit annoyed with the documents that I needed to submit. Keep me updated always about the status of the loan. He has done a great job! Will definitely recommend others to him.

(Assisted by Consultant: Wayne Lee, Jan 2022)

Mr. Aizat Director of Barber Industry
Wayne was actively giving me updates throughout my application process and was extremely helpful with any queries or required information. Even thou, He is new to this line of work, I commend and appreciate his valued work ethics to secure a successful application

(Assisted by Consultant: Wayne Lee, Oct 2021)

Mr. Maximilian Director of Trading Industry
Chex has been outstanding in his efforts to understand our company’s business and existing financing model. He was diligent in exploring various options to assist our team to meet the set goals, as well as exercising initiative to provide customized solutions when appropriate. In terms of services, he has been very courteous and friendly, always working with a smile, helping our team members, ironing out the pain points and inconvenience. Very happy to have worked with Chex and Ntrust. Would gladly work with them in the future.

(Assisted by Consultant: Chex Cheong, Sep 2021)

Dr. Yeo CEO of Dental Group
Bang Hoe is enthusiastic and friendly, He followed up closely and answered our questions. He is efficient and has a bright future ahead. Good Luck!

(Assisted by Consultant: Bang Hoe, Sep 2021)

Mr. Lim General Manager of Laundry Services
Jeff was committed to assist in obtaining the required Temporary Bridging Loans.

(Assisted by Asst. Team Manager: Jeff Tan, Sep 2021)

Mr. Ng Boon Sun Finance Controller of Wafer Fabrication Firm
Nick and June were very helpful, came down to our studio to understand the situation and advise us on what we need to provide. All the instructions were clear and efficient. Highly recommended.

(Assisted by Business Consultant: Nick Ng, Aug 2021)

Mr. James Ke Director of Music Industry
Chex is very good and punctual. He can communicate very well and nice, he makes me understand the services and other procedures.

(Assisted by Business Consultant: Chex Cheong, Jun 2021)

Dr. Ajith Director of Indian Traditional Medical Clinics
Thanks for being patient, quick and responsive in providing useful information.

Keep it up with your excellent services, just what we need.

(Assisted by Consultant: Jeff Tan, Mar 2021)

Mr Ho W.Y Director of Design & Printing company
Jeff is very attentive and responsive.  He has been very patient and has been a great help to our company on loan processes.

(Assisted by Consultant: Jeff Tan, Mar 2021)

Mr Oh F.S Director of Landscaping Company

(Assisted by Consultant: Chex Cheong, Feb 2021)

Mr Yap C.F Director of ACMV Provider
Jeff Tan’s approach is very professional and he is very well versed with his work. From Day one I met Jeff until approval of loan in such short time is very impressive.  Highly recommend to consult him.

(Assisted by Consultant: Jeff Tan, Feb 2021)

Mr Farouk Director of Pest Control Company
During downturn of market situation, Jeff managed to reach us and gave strong support in business and financial advisories. He patiently explain the requirements and how he can support us on loans procurement. Will definitely introduce to friend and business partner!

(Assisted by Consultant: Jeff Tan, Jan 2021)

Ms Tan P.C Director of Japanese-Food Manufacturing Company
Jeff is friendly and helpful in providing information on the Temporary Bridging Loan.  He is efficient in getting the required loan amount within a short time frame.

(Assisted by Consultant: Jeff Tan, Nov 2020)

Ms Koh B.E Director of Food Manufacturing Company
Ms June Choo is professional  and very helpful. She has helped us to secure quite a few banks facilities (Temporary Bridging Loans)

(Assisted by Consultant: June Choo, Oct 2020)

Mr Michael Chionh Finance Manager of Furniture Manufacturing Company
Very satisfied and happy dealing with Ms Fion.  She is very helpful

(Assisted by Consultant: Fion Tay, Oct 2020)

Ms Lim E.K Director of Motor Pumps Manufacturer
Jeff Tan was very well versed with his work and helpful, real efficient, friendly and fast loan approval.

(Assisted by Consultant: Jeff Tan, Oct 2020)

Mr Tan H.S Director of Hardware Wholesale Company
Very Good. I am very impressed with Chex’s professionalism and his financial knowledge in advising me on how to improve my business cashflow. He managed to secure the Temporary Bridging Loan for my company very quickly and I highly recommend him to anyone for his services.

(Assisted by Consultant: Chex Cheong, Sep 2020)

Mr Lim W.K Director of Printing and Stationery Wholesale Firm
Jeff is very helpful and patience for the entire project . Thumbs up for him in following up closely with my deal. It has been a good experience working together with him.

(Assisted by Consultant: Jeff Tan, Sep 2020)

Mr Freddy Yap Director of Printing and Packaging Supply Firm
Jeff has been very helpful and patient. He contacted me since April and shared on how Temporary Bridging Loan can help my business. Unfortunately I was not ready for the applications back then. Despite giving up, Jeff gone extra mile in providing strategic financial plans for my business and even personal. He has been keeping a close follow up with me since then and eventually secured the loans successfully for my company. I would strongly recommend Jeff’s excellent service to anyone.

(Assisted by Consultant: Jeff Tan, Aug 2020)

Mr Chan Director of Automotive Workshop
Jeff Tan was very well versed with his work and helped us greatly in getting approval for banking facilities.

(Assisted by Consultant: Jeff Tan, Jun 2020)

Mr Norman Seet Director of Transportation and Logistics Firm
Real efficient, friendly and fast loan approval.  Patience and knowledgeable about the industry.

(Assisted by Consultant: Chex Cheong, Mar 2020)

Mr Chester Chan Director of Sporting Equipment Wholesale Firm
Cheasea was excellent from the beginning.  From his first cold call to his first on-site meeting was very well handled and he did not try & hard sell me, which was hugely appreciated.  And then when we decided to take the loan, his servicing was excellent.

(Assisted by Consultant: Cheasea Yeo, Feb 2020)

Mr Jay Soo CEO of Media Production Company
For great achievement of maintaining good relationship in Financial Consultancy sector.  Willing to assist & advise industry client to improve their business cash flow.

(Assisted by Consultant: Jeff Tan, Feb 2020)

Mr Foong Director of Marine Engineering Company
June has been able to deliver a highly professional service.  She been able to assist us to fulfill all our needs with efficiency and speed.

I will not hesitate to recommend June to anybody who requires her service in assisting them fulfill their financing their capital requirements for business expansion.

(Assisted by Consultant: June Choo, Feb 2020)

Mr Oliver Meyer Director of Distribution and Wholesale Company
Good service. Friendly and helpful.

(Assisted by Consultant: Nikita Ng, Jul 2019)

Mr Jackson Lim Director of Transportation and Logistics Firm
Good and Efficient Services.

(Assisted by Consultants: June Choo and Nikita Ng, Jul 2019)

Ms Fion Phee Finance Manager of IT Solutions Company
Updates on products half yearly and constant following up with our company.

(Assisted by Consultant: June Choo, Jul 2019)

Mr Andrew Nah Director of Cleaning Services Company
Fast and Effective service. Most important the consultant Ms. June was friendly and helpful to resolve all problems and other questions.

(Assisted by Consultant: June Choo, Apr 2019)

Mr Ong Director of Building and Construction Company
Professional and reliable. Thanks for securing the loans for us.

(Assisted by Consultant: June Choo, Apr 2018)

Mdm Chew Accountant of Food and Beverages Company
Tried doing the loan application myself but was rejected by banks. Ntrust impressed me by getting the loans for me successfully. Will definitely recommend to my business associates.

(Assisted by Consultant: June Choo, Oct 2017)

Raymond Teo Director of Building and Construction Company
Very responsive when we have questions. Takes initiative in looking out for products to help the business.

(Assisted by Consultant: June Choo, Mar 2017)

Mr Justin Teh Director of Aluminum Trading Company
Professional & Fast delivery services provided for us.

(Assisted by Consultant: June Choo, Aug 2016)

Mr George Chai Managing Director of Automotive Workshop
I got to know NTRUST through my friend with good compliments. Hence, I engaged them to assist my company as I was previously rejected by my bank. Indeed, NTRUST managed to get 500k trade line for us and it comes handy dealing with my overseas suppliers now. We appreciate their great help and highly recommend them to any businesses.

(Assisted by Consultant: June Choo, Nov 2014)

Phua JH Director of Trading Company



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    Do you have questions about how Ntrust can help your company? Send us an email and we’ll get in touch shortly.



      54B South Bridge Road, Singapore 058685
      Mon – Fri . 9AM – 6PM

      +65 6822 0126
      +65 6822 0125

      Do you have questions about how Ntrust can help your company? Send us an email and we’ll get in touch shortly.