Holistic corporate services for individuals or companies looking to establish their presence in city-state. We help you remain compliant with authorities, as well as avoid unnecessary penalties or losses.

Why appoint a professional Corporate Secretary?

Every local company in Singapore requires to have at least 1 Secretary registered with ACRA This position cannot be left vacant for more than 6 months or the directors may face a penalty of up to $1,000. A professional corporate secretary is responsible for the administration of the company, familiar with compliances, ensure that all the directors and shareholders are informed of their statutory obligations such as reminders on filing of annual returns before deadline to avoid penalties

Why is proper bookkeeping and accounting important?

Having an accurate report of the financial performance is crucial to every business. Business owners would be able to make adjustments and shrewd plans for the benefit of the company if they are aware of the actual profits and losses. Recognizing cost saving opportunities and enhancing business performance.

Company Incorporation

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Company Incorporation + Corporate Secretarial 12-month + Design + Email Hosting

Company Incorporation (Pte. Ltd.)

Incorporation of a Local Company (Private Limited)

Business Registration (SP/LLP)

Registration of a Business in Singapore (Sole Proprietor / Partnership)

Company Secretary

12-month Corporate Secretarial Services